Why settle for 50%, 70% and even 90% of YOUR commissions.

You worked for it and you deserve it ALL!

Reasons to join the Conveyance Realty Group Team of Experts:

E & O Insurance

HUD Certified Broker

Company Provided Email

Company Provided Leads

Full Broker Support

Work from home, full or part time

100% commission, paid to you directly at closing

***Plan A***                                            ***Plan B***

$50 a month                                              $350 a year

$500 per transaction                          $100 per transaction

$50 per lease on both plans

   (Access to GA MLS $20.00 per month)

   ***Not a member of FMLS***


  We say NO to:

Board of Realtors Fees

Franchise Fees

Desk Duty

Mandatory Meetings

Minimum Transaction Requirement

Hidden Fees

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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