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  1.        Click HERE.

  2.        Add a Package or Courses of your choice to your cart and press "Continue". 

    • *******If you are looking for a state other than Georgia, hover your mouse over Get Licensed to choose your state, and then pick your package.*******

  3.        Enter your contact information as directed. Be sure to fill in the Grant Access to Your Manager field with Conveyance. This allows Conveyance Realty Group to monitor your progress and communicate with you as you work through your course. Click Continue.

  4.        Enter your payment information. Please make sure the billing address on screen matches the one for your credit card.

  5.        Be sure to record your password. Your username is your email address.


Logging In To Your Account:

  1.        Go to   The first time you visit the site, bookmark or add to your favorites!

  2.        Click on the Student Login icon in the upper, right hand corner.

  3.        Enter your username (email address) and password then click login.











Welcome to your Student Dashboard!

Upon logging in, your personalStudent Dashboard will display. To begin your course, click on the course name (in blue). As you finish one unit, the next unit will open up. You can go back to a unit as many times as you like.

The first time you log into a course, you will be taken through the Course Orientation then the Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully then sign at the bottom. Copies of each of these can be found in your Supplemental Materials.

The Course Orientation is where you will find information on contacting your instructor. Should you have questions or comments about the course material, feel free to email or call your instructor. It is our policy to check and respond to all student emails within one business day. If you have non-curriculum or account-related questions, you can reach an Academic Advisor  or call 866-739-7277 during office hours.


Mark your page in your course each time you leave by creating a bookmark. On the bottom of each screen is a Bookmark and Exit button. Click this button to create a bookmark. Next time you log onto your Personal Homepage, do not click on the course name. Scroll down to your bookmark list. Click on the bookmark to return the last page you read.


State Exam Date


You can set a goal for your state exam (or the date you want to be finished with the course) in the State Exam Date column. Setting a date will create a ‘pace bar’ to appear on your dashboard to help keep you on track.


Always Log Out


Be sure to completely log out of your account each time you access it. If you close your browser without properly logging out you will not be able to re-enter the account until the system resets (approximately 15 minutes).


Yes, Your Course is iPad Ready!


With no extra programming whatsoever, you can repeat the above steps and access your course through your Apple iPad and most tablets.

Our main goal is for you to learn accurate and up-to-dateinformation so you can pass the state exam the first time. If you read and follow the format and guidelines given in your course, you’ll increase your likelihood of success exponentially.

Good luck, and remember if you have any questions or problems while taking your course, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best regards,'s Continuing Education school is ARELLO-CERTIFIED.

We are licensed in Georgia as American School of Real Estate Express, LLC and our School Approval Code is 3467.